Friday, April 15, 2005

Silverplate, Silver Plate, Holloware, Hollowware

So which is it?
Silverplate as one word? Silver Plate as two words?
Holloware with one "w"? Hollowware with two?
Well, both are correct!
Many use the combined useage.
Others separate the two words.

Silver reference books, authors of silver and collectors of silver all have their preferences.

You will find a combination of both silver related words at our site.
Abe Silverman's person preference is "silverplate" as one word, and "holloware" with one "w".

We've noticed in our research that hollowware - with two w's - is most often used England, Scotland and Ireland.

By the way!
Today is April 15th - last day to have those taxes postmarked!
Wishing you all a sizeable return this year!