Friday, September 09, 2005

The 7 Benefits of Silver

1. Silver reflects. The film coating on mirror backings is silver. Mirrors are used in telescopes, microscopes, spacecraft and solar panels, as well as bathrooms! Don't forget the silver transparent coating on double-pane thermal windows.

2. Silver conducts heat. Those silver ceramic lines fired into your car's rear window keep the window clear of frost and ice.

3. Silver conducts electricity. Silver is the metal of choice for switch contacts because it does not corrode. Every time you start your microwave, dishwasher, television set, car engine, etc., silver contacts complete the electrical circuit. The same thing happens when you tap the keys of your computer keyboard, adjust your car's power seats, or release the power trunk lock. Silver is there.

4. Silver kills bacteria. Silver chemically affects the cell membranes of bacteria, causing them to break down. Bacteria do not develop resistance to silver, as they do too many antibiotics. Silver solutions are used in burn treatments. Silver gauze packs the wounds of patients during transport to medical facilities. Silver nitrate drops are used to clean the eyes of newborns. Hikers use portable silver-based water purification systems for drinking water.

5. Silver rings Silver has a pure acoustic resonance and is preferred by musicians for making high quality silver bells and musical instruments.

6. Silver captures images. Silver salts are the basic image capture and forming materials in photography. Every picture of your sweet little darling contains silver, as well as medical/dental x-rays and your favorite movie.

7. Silver is pretty. Don't forget the silver in your jewelry or traditional tableware. It's a favorite medium because it is soft and malleable, and can be shaped into any form. Silver has been used in cherished heirlooms and gifts for centuries.