Friday, April 22, 2005

Your Silver Collection

Many times, our collections, especially those that have a strong hold on our passions, leaves us overwhelmed and unprepared for a financial loss.

If you're new to collecting silver, or if you're a long-time collector, take some time to document your collection.

Here's some tips to get your started from Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop:

  1. Take a bright, crisp and clear photo of each silver item and attach this photo to an individual sheet - notebook paper is fine.
  2. Record on the sheet of paper what type the silver item is.
  3. Record any marks as to maker, pattern number, monograms, etc.
  4. Record the measurements.
  5. Record a provenance - the ownership history, if known.
  6. Record the date of purchase and price paid - if you have the original receipt, attach this receipt to the sheet.
  7. File these papers in a loose-leaf binder and keep in a safe place.

For extra security, you can scan or copy each sheet into your computer and onto a floppy disk or CD. Store this 'extra' copy in a safe deposit box, or for safekeeping elsewhere - like a family member's home or your locked office desk.

If anything every untowards happens to your silver collection (natural disaster, theft, etc.) you'll have a record of your collection for insurance purposes.