Thursday, October 13, 2005

Collecting Vintage Hotel Silver

Although not as ornate or popular as a collectible, hotel silver is slowing making inroads into the silver collecting market.

Most hotel silver is engraved or marked with the hotel’s name or logo, in addition to the silver or silverplate manufacturer’s name. Hotel silver is very durable, as it received more than normal use and wear. Manufacturers of hotel silver purposely crafted hotel silver to be very durable. Three of the largest manufacturers of commercial hotel silver were International Silver Company, Reed & Barton and Gorham Silver. Bumps, dings and dents are very common and a real part of its charm. You’ll be hard pressed to find hotel silver in pristine condition, but if you do, those are the most valuable. Hotel silver from well-known and prestigious hotels is the most sought after by serious collectors of vintage silver.

Collecting commercial silver is an affordable enterprise. Most hotel silver can be purchased at a very low cost.. Teapots, coffee pots, creamers and water pitchers are the most commonly available hollowware pieces, and therefore, the least expensive to purchase.

Reproductions of older hotel silver have begun appearing at flea markets, online shops and home decorating and kitchen décor shops. Make sure that you’re not purchasing a reproduction.