Friday, February 24, 2006

Sterling Silver & Silverplate Collectible Souvenir Spoons!

Abe's added an entire new section of sterling silver and silverplate collectible souvenir spoons from around the USA and the world!
Collectible Souvenir Spoons 1 and Collectible Souvenir Spoons 2

Two entire pages of vintage souvenir spoons to enhance your current spoon collection or even inspire someone else to begin to collect souvenir spoons. Collectible souvenir spoons are collectible for their intrinsic artistic value, and many collectors specialize in American spoons or spoons from around the world.

Collectible souvenir spoons are produced in a variety of different sizes. In the USA, most collectible souvenir spoons are demitasse size (3.5" - 4.5"), 5 o'clock tea size spoons (5.0" - 5.5") and tea size souvenir spoons (5.5" - 6.0").

Collectible souvenir spoons from other countries vary in length from 2" to an amazing 14" in length. Most European souvenir spoons are demitasse size (also called demi spoons), and many Asian spoons are also demitasse in size.

Figural collectible spoons are widely collected and are among the most popular souvenir spoons available.

These vintage souvenir collectible demitasse spoons are the perfect special silverware or flatware pieces to use as tea spoons, flavored coffee spoons, expresso spoons, cappuccino spoons and even spoons for hot chocolate! Set a unique and memorable dessert table with each guest having a unique souvenir spoon.